Client feature Gail

Client feature Gail

March 22, 2017
Client feature Gail
What were you top 3 reasons to incorporate Pilates at Pilates Space Florida in Boca Raton into your life:
To maintain flexibility for the rest of my life, to build long and lean muscle vs the bulk acquired by free-weights and learn a system of exercise I can do well into old age.

What do you like best about practicing Pilates at Pilates Space Florida:
Professionalism, sparkling clean facility, top notch Gratz equipment and classical, authentic Pilates taught there.

How did Pilates change your body and how you move: 
At almost 60 years old there is little to no limitation to my movement or flexibility. I have great core strength and firm and toned muscles. The big plus is "no injuries" as in more traditional gyms or fitness programs. I feel good when I walk out.

Why should people consider working out at Pilates Space Florida:
After exploring many different studios from Ft. Lauderdale to Boca Raton, I have not found one with better atmosphere, professionalism and experience of instructors. 

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