What is Gyrotonic(R)?

What is Gyrotonic(R)?

February 11, 2018
What is Gyrotonic(R)?

A gymnast, swimmer and ballet principal with the Romanian National Ballet, Juliu defected to the USA in the 1970’s where he developed a system of yoga (GYROKINESIS®) that expands a person’s potential. He then created powerful movements done on his unique handcrafted wooden equipment (GYROTONIC®) to make his style of yoga both more accessible and challenging to many different users abilities and needs.

While most weight-training machines are designed for linear expression, Juliu’s machines facilitate the circular movements originating in the joints. Exercises synchronized with yoga breathing help develop flexibility, joint articulation, stamina, balance, coordination, and increased blood circulation.

It is the ideal training program for anyone interested in improving all aspects of their fitness including dancers, athletes, sports enthusiasts, children, the elderly and injury rehabilitation clients.

Pilates or GYROTONIC®…Which to choose?

We are the only studio in Florida to teach both The Authentic Pilates Method and GYROTONIC® Expansion System. Both systems compliment each other as well as stand on their own. At Revolution, you can choose to learn either one or both of these exciting mind-body techniques and we would love the chance to introduce them to you. 

Check out a video here!

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

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