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Overall Fitness

Private training best maximizes your individual needs and goals. Through private training, the client is able to workout on any piece of apparatus and learn the method correctly. Clients can receive highly specialized training lessons or basic health improvement training.

Private Pilates sessions are beneficial to all walks of life and will ensure that you learn about proper alignment while creating symmetry and body awareness. Pilates provides balance and harmony with everyday movements and trains the body to release tension.


Pilates can be a wonderful way to start a post- rehab fitness program or add movement to your life.We will create a work out for you that is gentle enough to not aggravate your body, but yet still very effective.

You will experience that you muscles become stronger, balance, coordination and stability will significantly improve.While Pilates is not a miracle cure by any means, many of our clients report that their pains lessen and they feel that their range of motions improves significantly.

We have helped clients with Neuropathy, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, crebral palsy, erb's palsy, Fibromyalgia, Knee and Hip replacements and various Back and Neck issues bring movement back into their life to alleviate pain.

Pre or Post- natal

Pilates for Pregnancy classes provide a full-body wok out strengthening abdominal and pelvic floor muscles—which are vital for pushing during delivery. Pilates also strengthens the lower back, legs and arms, increases spinal flexibility, lengthens the spine and waist, and opens the chest and shoulders. Focusing on these areas through controlled, supervised movements addresses the structural and postural imbalances that may occur during pregnancy, without the likelihood of injury or over-stretching. Movements are modified for maximum safety during each trimester and special “C” shaped seats are used to avoid lying on the back.


A good swing starts with a good foundation. Golfers ranging from amateurs to professionals need to cross train numerous muscles groups to achieve that winning swing, and Pilates can be remarkably beneficial.


At Pilates Space Florida dancers will quickly find the benefits of Pilates, which is intended to strengthen and lengthen the body with a focus on core strength. Dancers will recognize particular movements, yet have extra resistance or stretch added to promote proper alignment, balance, control, concentration, coordination, and breath for harmonious movement.

Class Options

Tower classes

Tower classes are designed to lengthen, strengthen and align your body with power, precision and flow. Classes run with 6 clients only, matched as closely in their level of training as possible. Classes may have a focus on Magic circle work, Arm or Leg work.

Tower classes are invigorating an fun and can be modified and varied to suit each student's needs.

Reformer classes

A challenging class to lengthen, strengthen and align your body! Reformer classes are very challenging, and require knowledge of the traditional intermediate systems order.

If you are new to our studio, please schedule an introductory Reformer class first so you get to know the order of exercises and our GRATZ apparatus.

SpringCORE Classes

Our most challenging class! SpringCORE makes use of Pilates Tower Spring tension on nearly every single exercise, you will feel your muscles burning and shaking within the first 2 minutes of class!

Private Pilates Sessions- Strong Body, Stronger Mind

Private Pilates lessons will make a profound difference in how you look and feel! Let us help you to re- charge your body and rejuvenate your mind.

3 Private lessons for $180.00

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